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AES Are Now Supplying The New Harnessflex TempGuard Conduit and Fittings

AES now supply Harnessflex TempGuard systems:

Harnessflex TempGuard system High temperature wiring harnesses As a leading designer and manufacturer of flexible conduit systems, fittings and connector interfaces, Harnessflex is well
known for providing automotive manufacturers across the globe, with solutions that protect vehicle wiring against damage from mechanical abrasion, liquid and dust ingress, and corrosive salts.

Our NEW TempGuard system has been designed to meet the increasing demands of today’s engines. EGR systems that recycle an engine’s waste gases, the use of single or multiple turbos to improve tractability, power and fuel efficiency have all contributed to higher temperature areas within a vehicle’s engine. The TempGuard conduit and fittings system is designed to work specifically with high temperature wiring, allowing them to successfully operate at up to 200ºC, with long term heat aging, tensile and impact strength testing carried out to ensure the reliability and validity of the range. Through improved system performance and integrity TempGuard reduces running costs, mimimises breakdowns and downtime, increasing overall productivity.

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